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Beware of Scams letter

Be aware of scams!!

Internet scams

Most of us are confident we can recognise an e-mail scam. We aren’t tricked by someone telling us that we have won a top prize in a little known lottery that we know we haven’t entered. But not all cyber crime is that easy to detect and criminals are getting more and more clever as time goes by.

Did you know that one in every 298 emails is fraudulent trying to acquire information such as passwords or credit/debit card details?

The key rule is to remember, if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is and you should delete emails immediately without opening attachments which often contain viruses that could infect your computer. Be very wary of unsolicited emails. If you don’t know who has sent the message – delete it, because if it is that important they will contact you again.

It is recommended that you don’t even reply to ‘unsubscribe’ as this just confirms that your email address is in use.

Online safety tips

  • Use different passwords for different accounts
  • Don’t share details of holiday plans on social networking sites, as you do not know who could be accessing them
  • Use a second email account for online shopping, keeping your main one for personal correspondence
  • Never save anything to public computers and always shut down every page that you have accessed before completely logging out.
  • Never click through to a link – always type in the web address yourself to guarantee you are using a genuine site.
  • Check the site is secure, especially if you are going to use your credit card and look for the letters ‘https’ or the padlock symbol in the main browser bar – this will indicate it is a safe web site to use.

If you have ever been the victim of email scams, report it to Action Fraud via

The internet can be fun to use and is incredibly convenient, but just take a few precautions whilst using it to ensure that you get the best from it!!

Courier scams

Scammers contact you posing as your bank, a Police officer or an official from another organisation. They advise you to call your bank or 999 to confirm their call, but because they have not disconnected their call to you – they are still on the line, tricking you into believing you are making a new call. The scammers will then convince you to enter your Pin number and tell you that a courier will collect your card from you. Once they have the card, they already have the Pin and they withdraw cash and use the card in multiple retail outlets!

Do NOT give your Pin number to anyone – the bank will not ask for it, as they already have all your account details!!

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