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20/04/2020 - 20/07/2020 at All Day

teddy having tea with a tiger

If you’re finding the lockdown tedious, take inspiration from the antics of Ted, a giant teddy bear, who seems to be able to find a new activity every day.

Helped by owner Heidi Cummings, who lives in Golden Green, near Tonbridge, Ted likes to show off a variety of colourful costumes with all the necessary props, and has been seen tackling useful jobs such as window cleaning, ironing and getting ready to shop for those ‘bear’ essentials.

Ted finds time to relax too, and has been enjoying tea parties, playing pool, paddling and – lucky bear – has even managed to get away to a tropical isle and done some sunbathing (don’t tell the Health Minister).

Ted is a socially aware bear too – colouring rainbows and joining in the Thursday tribute to key workers are all part of a day’s work for this busy bruno. Fans even send thank-you cards.

What will Ted get up to next? Whatever it is, it’s sure to keep us smiling.

By Anne Waddingham

teddy with a rainbow on his lap
teddy dressed for easter
teddy doing the ironing
teddy dressed in tropical clothes
teddy cleaning the windows

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