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New role to Kent Police – Community Policing Volunteer 

Learn more about this new role and if you would like to apply.

The new role will support Kent Police to increase our visible and accessibility in the community. This being a key component to the Community Safety Unit delivery (CSU), providing a valuable uniformed presence in our communities, with a focus on understanding and identifying local priorities, solving local problems and engaging with the community to gather meaningful and timely intelligence. Bringing key skills that value the diversity of policing.

The role is based on our current Police Community Support Officer (PCSO)’s and KCC warden’s that dedicate themselves to supporting the vulnerable and community policing. Allowing for a team dynamics and resource that understands the community in which they work.

Powers – are limited to allow you to fulfil the above role and not around enforcement, this is not to say we could not develop these if the volunteers and CSU’s feel they are necessary.

The core training will provide them with the following powers –

1)      Power to request name and address of someone committing anti social behaviour

2)      Power to control Traffic (other than wide load)

3)      Power to place traffic signs

4)      Power to enter premises to save life or limb / prevent serious damage.

The other 4 powers agreed were –

1)       Name and address who fails to follow the direction of an officer at a traffic incident

2)       Power to issue S34 / 35 dispersal tickets / disperse groups or remove someone under 16 to their place of residence.

3)       Power to deal with begging

4)       Power to remove abandoned vehicles

Which will be followed up with CPD or in mentoring process with their PCSO / PC colleagues working within the CSU’s.

Fitness – For medical reasons, it is requested that a fitness test is passed on recruitment and a medical certificate from your doctor. There will not be a requirement for further testing after this initial test.

Recruitment – There will be a requirement for an application form and basic listening skills test, along with an interview and passing Kent Police vetting.

On application being successful, we would look to base you in a ward in or near where you live so you have that understanding of your community’s needs.

Training – The training is currently being designed but is aimed at 5 weekends and 4 evenings in a 10 week period

The basic training will need to be passed and a period of mentoring by a PCSO on a ward to ensure all core skills are developed, so a volunteer can be signed off as independent. How long this takes will depend on hours worked and the volunteers in order to be signed off as competent independently.

Once independent we can look at the specialism such as riding horseback and cyclist.

The position is advertised on the Kent Police website.  You can access it from this page:-
Click on the e-Recruitment link on that page.

Application closing date – 26th January 2018.

Paper shift 29 – 31 of Jan.

Interviews planned for the 21/2, 22/2 and 26/2.

Training will commence at the end of April.

All applications accepted if you live on or very close to Maidstone, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge or Tunbridge wells council postcode.

All age groups – 18 to 67.

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