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Gravel extraction along the River Medway flood plain from Tonbridge to East Peckham and beyond has taken place for many years. Stonecastle Quarry takes its name from a farm located off Whetsted Road a short distance west of the present route of the A228.

Tarmac has submitted a number of planning applications seeking to re-commence quarrying at the site. The existing planning permissions extend westward to within about half a mile of Hartlake
Road. A planning application to change some of the working practices and procedures at the quarry will be considered by KCC on 10th October.

Although the planning permission stipulates that all access to the site will be from the A228 via Whetsted Road, concerns have been raised that traffic to and from the quarry will find its way on to
the small roads and lanes around Golden Green and Hadlow.

Tarmac are in the process of establishing a liaison committee comprised of representatives of both the local community and Councils. The Parish Council will be represented on this committee and will take forward any concerns sent to the parish office by local residents.

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