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Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council have activated their severe weather emergency policy (SWEP). SWEP is a humanitarian response to severe weather to protect the health and wellbeing of anyone who might be sleeping rough. The aim of the policy is to provide suitable accommodation for anyone who is sleeping outside during periods of severe weather, which may include extreme cold, heat, wind or rain.

Due to the severe weather forecast we will offer services to anyone who is sleeping rough. If you see anyone sleeping rough or are working with anyone who is homeless, please make contact with the housing options and support team on 01732 876067 for advice and assistance. If assistance is required outside of office hours there is an out of hours homelessness service available by calling 01732 844522. Those who are rough sleeping can also refer themselves in by calling the same numbers.

If you have any questions or concerns for anyone who is sleeping rough please contact the housing options and support team on 01732 876067 or by emailing

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