Hadlow Cemetery is located on Cemetery Lane in the north east of the village.

Hadlow welcomes visitors to Hadlow Cemetery. The Cemetery is a place for peace and reflection. Accordingly, we ask all users of the Cemetery to respect the needs of others and to follow these guidelines.

A current Register of Burials and plans of Hadlow Cemetery is kept by the Parish Office.

Applications for Interment and Memorial Applications should be made with the Parish Office.

All enquiries relating to the cemetery, please contact the Parish office.
Hadlow Cemetery

The Cemetery is open to visitors every day of the year.

Bicycles and vehicles are not normally permitted within the cemetery except as part of funeral corteges or to enable a person with severe mobility restriction to park close to a grave. All vehicles permitted should not exceed the speed limit of 10mph. Neither Hadlow Parish Council nor any of its employees can accept responsibility for the loss of or damage to any vehicle or its contents whilst within the Cemetery.

All visitors attending a grave are asked to keep to the footpaths and driveways and, generally, respect the Cemetery at all times. In particular, visitors are requested not to interfere with shrubs or flowers growing within the Cemetery or to interfere with any grave or memorial.

Dogs must be kept on a short leash at all times, and a visitor in control of a dog must remove any waste from the Cemetery.

So as to reflect the needs of others, visitors are asked not to willfully create any disturbance in the Cemetery or behave in a way that may be a nuisance to others. In particular, the playing of games and sports is not permitted. The Parish Council reserves the right to exclude any person from the Cemetery.

Children under the age of 10 are not normally permitted in the Cemetery unless they are under the care of a responsible adult.

Please contact the Parish Office for information relating to the selection and purchase of graves in the Cemetery. 


When a grave is “purchased” this refers to the purchase of the ‘Exclusive Rights of Burial’ in a grave space and not the purchase of the land itself. Sometimes these are purchased in advance; or at time of need. A ‘Grant Deed’ is issued and includes the right to erect a memorial. A Grant Deed may be purchased and owned by an individual and/or close relative, and is issued, currently, for 45 years.


Ownership of the Exclusive Right of Burial in a grave can be transferred from a deceased owner via that owner’s estate. The means of transfer can be very complex and while there is a set procedure to follow, each case must be looked at individually. If you need to transfer ownership you will need to contact the Parish Office.


This booklet also includes specific information for funeral directors and monumental masons. Please note that all burials should be arranged through the services of a funeral director.

Grave spaces must be kept in a neat and tidy condition and any litter should be removed from the site. Any flower holders must be of non-breakable material and are left at the owners’ risk. In the interest of public safety, no glass, ceramic vases or other ornaments should be placed on any grave. The Parish Council reserves the right to remove any articles from any grave which are considered dangerous or unsightly in any way or which are likely to cause risk of damage or injury.

Memorials can only be erected on grave spaces where the exclusive rights of burial have been purchased. The maintenance of memorials is the responsibility of the respective grave owner of the exclusive right of burial. The Parish Council reserves the right to make safe any memorial that is found to be in an unstable condition. Any person causing damage by bringing in any materials or monuments will be required to make good.

In all cases, dead flowers and other rubbish must be placed in the waste bins provided. No stones or soil must be placed in these bins.
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