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Trees Outside Woodland – A Call for Sites

As part of ‘Plan Tree’, Kent County Councils Tree Establishment Strategy, we are looking for sites for small woodlands up to 0.5ha, which will be funded by the Local Authority Treescape Fund for 2023 and 2024.

The UK needs millions more trees to reach its 2050 carbon net-zero target. By planting with us, you’ll help bring us nearer to this important goal. This is a great opportunity to get more local people engaged with our ambition to see the county’s tree cover extended by 1.5 million, establishing one new tree for every resident living in the county.

The first step is to identify areas of land and seek permission from the landowner or manager.

For example:

Example of tree planting

The trees can be planted as wildwoods, avenues, windbreaks, thickets, and Miyawaki forests. We are looking for areas of land from the size of a tennis court up to about half a football pitch. The maximum size we can plant is 0.5ha, which is just over an acre (70m x 70m).

Introducing the Miyawaki method – Youtube video

The ‘Miyawaki method’ was developed by Japanese botanist Dr Akira Miyawaki and aims to reconstruct indigenous woodlands, producing a rich, dense, and efficient pioneer woodland within 20–30 years. Dr Miyawaki found trees naturally grew much faster if planted closer together. The method utilises a mix of approximately 30 native trees planted per 10m² (30 to 40 different species per site). They attract more wildlife species, with a substantial increase in noise and dust isolation. They also absorb 30 times as much carbon as a normal forest.

The Forest of Thanks – Youtube video

Once we have identified land, Kent County Council will collaborate with our local community groups and tree wardens to develop the idea, prepare the site, and organise a successful planting event. We will prioritise sites with access to a water supply (catchment area, tap, hose, river, hydrant etc). It is also important to involve a local community group to help with planting and aftercare (watering and weeding).

We will need volunteers to help water the trees (during a drought) and maintain each site for at least the first three years after planting.

If you are interested and have an area of land in mind, please complete this form to outline your project proposal.

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